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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 12, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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so far today and so far this season. 83 in mt. pocono 87 atlantic city international airport but if you go down to the beaches it's a lot cooler than that. 73 in avalon 77 degrees in beach haven. look at the difference. just a few miles inland up to 90 degrees. that sea breeze makes a big difference. we have one or two isolated showers now coming in to burks county. we may end up getting into portions of the lehigh valley in the next couple of hours. we will track them for you. and the temperature, well, it won't be going down a whole lot. very warm and very humid evening. there is some relief in sight. i will tell you when and how much with the seven day in a few minutes. >> that's what we're looking forward to. thank you very much. some schools actually sent kids home early today because of the heat. >> people all across the area are taking precautions to stay safe in this heat and humidity. nbc 10 has been spending most of the day outside in the heat. >> jesse, you talked to a local
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doctor. we have to be careful out there. >> reporter: you got that right. it feels every bit the 93 degrees glenn mentioned. we are at the singing fountain in south philadelphia. they just had their dog walking in the fountain. it's the popular destination on a day like today when the city is going to go through a sweaty steamy start to the weekend. in center city these workers struggled lifting a heavy pane of glass and struggled with the heavy, humid hot air that made working outside painful. >> it's steamy. i don't know it's like living on the equator. horrible. >> reporter: the city of brotherly love baked all day. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: temperatures soared into the mid 90s prompting complaints. >> it's horrible. horrible. it's really very very -- >> really close. humid. >> no fun. >> reporter: external conditions coupled with a lack of air conditioning in many buildings prompted school district officials to send the 142,000
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students home early. fernando says the hot weather could create health complications. >> a lot of the students have asthma in our community so that's an issue in regard to the heat. >> reporter: for some early release is not an option. letter carrier bob pride sweating through the steps as he hauls both the mail and the misery index that approaches 100 degrees. what does it do to you, the heat? >> makes me very tired. at the end of the day i go home and crash. >> reporter: temple hospital e.r. doctor jennifer fisher says danger signs can surface due to heat. the very young and elderly are at greater risk of heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. >> patients can have altered mental status and they can have chest pain because their body is not able to effectively cool their system. >> reporter: for that reason the doctor stresses lots of fluids and avoid strenuous activities at least until it cools off.
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now tips for avoiding heat-related illnesses. avoid working and playing in the sun. wear a hat or visor. use air conditioning and fans or open the windows and talk to your doctor about any medications you take. some will affect how you respond to the heat. also be sure to maintain a normal diet. a hot commute in delaware. we see traffic along e-95 in stadium. no blue rock game tonight. they're playing an away game. sky force 10 is cruising around the region keeping an eye on the weather and how we are dealing with it. >> sky force 10 photojournalist jeremy haas is on the lookout. what are you seeing up there? >> reporter: right now we are cruising around wilmington trying to find people beating the heat. we found these people in their pool along the christiana river downtown wilmington. it looks like a great way to
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avoid the heat. jump in that pool. >> all right, jeremy. we all want to be in the pool i tell you, on a day like today. >> speechless as a matter of fact. >> we are all very jealous. thanks for keeping us posted. we'll be checking back with you, see what else you can find. count on nbc 10 throughout this afternoon for the next two and a half hours, in fact we will be following this heat story as well as its impact on you. glenn will be back with his updated forecast. also, get weather updates any time on the nbc 10 news app, with smartphones and tablets. we are working to find out more about a mom who was badly hurt in a house fire in northeast philadelphia this morning. her daughter didn't make it out alive. sky force 10 over that scene. the call came in around 7:30. firefighters tell us they had the fire knocked out in less than 15 minutes. neighbors are shocked. >> it's shocking. i just saw her the other day
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walking her dog. i don't know if the dog made it out or not. >> the father was also inside. he was in the basement and made it out okay. an early morning building collapse sent a family running from danger. sky force 10 over woodland avenue in southwest philadelphia. this is where it all happened. the building has apartments and a business on the bottom floor there. no one was hurt. not clear yet what caused the collapse. a fight at a local school left a student in a coma. it was all over a set of head phones. the victim's parents posted this picture of their son on social media. the chester county family is considering charges against the student they say beat up their 17-year-old son. it all began in a locker room at great valley high school. today, the principal told us it started as horseplay but escalated when the injured boy's headphones got broken. the principal tells us the other boy has been disciplined. we are following the latest about that prison escape that has captivated the nation all week. >> the search for two escaped convicts in upstate new york has
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a new focus now. early this morning, a man who lives not far from the prison said he saw two men near his backyard jumping over a stone wall. about 800 new york state troopers are searching for david sweat and richard matt. roadblocks are up and cars are getting stopped. police are searching the woods with dogs, flooding the area. these two guys are dangerous. both are convicted murderers. sweat was serving life without parole and matt had 25 to life. the clinton county district attorney said today with every day the fugitives are loose, he becomes more fearful for the community. also new today, we are learning more about the prison employee who allegedly helped out these guys. a prosecutor says joyce mitchell gave sweat and matt illegal items before their escape but didn't give them the power tools. the power tools they used to break out. no one has been charged. right now the focus is on catching sweat and matt. >> we are chomping at the bit. we want to catch these guys. we want them back where they belong.
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>> homeland security is also involved in the search now. the area of focus is close to where footprints and food wrappers were found on wednesday. imagine being on a motorcycle going 106 miles an hour then crashing into a curb. it happened to a local man and now police are releasing a video as a warning to others. wow. the driver was wearing a go pro camera when he crashed. limerick police tell us he didn't realize the road would suddenly end, going too fast to react, the man flipped over the handlebars. luckily he was wearing that helmet. he landed in soft grass. that saved him from serious injury. on the facebook page limerick township police had this to say. quote, why you should always drive defensively. why you should not drive 106 miles per hour on lightcap road
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and not know it ends in a t intersection all while wearing a go pro camera. they say there's no better way of warning people about the dangers of reckless driving than this video. happening now in south jersey, a chance for job seekers to change their future at a brand new shopping destination. an outlet is hosting a job fair and there are hundreds of jobs to fill. here's what we are talking about. the new gloucester premium outlets in blackwood, camden county, doesn't open until august but right now they are looking to hire more than 800 full-time and part-time workers to staff the 90 stores there. applicants can go to a job fair at nearby camden county college. that job fair runs until 7:00 tonight. with more on this story here's nbc 10's cydney long. >> reporter: with lines wrapped around the building resumes in hand, all dressed their best and hopeful for a secure job opportunity, father of four zayid doesn't want to get lost in the numbers. >> 33. lucky number because i have triplets. >> reporter: his strategy among thousands loading his backpack
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with 33 resumes to land a full-time assistant manager position at one of his three favorite outlet stores this summer. >> most of the managers are here the hiring managers. they can look at you and talk to you. >> reporter: he has a small army of little boys and a daughter counting on him, and he's right now unemployed after choosing between work or shelling out money for day care the past few years. >> you take care of them all day every day and i need to go ahead and work but i wanted to make sure they were able to be properly trained and all the things they need to do. when they're in day care. a lot less for me to worry about. >> reporter: 6.5 unemployment rate statewide and 7.4% without jobs in camden county the competition is tough. organizers tell me some 3,000 people showed up here today for the 800 positions available, and all of this before lunchtime. if you didn't get hired on the spot keep your phone close by. the premium outlets open in mid-august.
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for many it's not about having extra spending money, it's about having stability, benefits and income long term. >> very important for me to go ahead and be able to take care of the kids. i have a daughter as well and she sees me as super dad. dad can't do it it can't be done. >> reporter: cydney long nbc 10 news. it's been four years since lawmakers legalized medical marijuana in delaware. now the first dispensary is set to open. the first compassion center will be open on june 26th just outside of wilmington. people with medical marijuana cards can now go on the 18th, and 19th of the month for orientation. yesterday a center opened in the first state that provides medical marijuana to children who are in severe pain suffer from seizures or several other serious medical conditions. for the new adult dispensary patients must be 18 or older and suffer from certain debilitating conditions. those who have cards for the
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center may possess up to six ounces of the medical pot. an emotional plea for medical marijuana legalization from television personality montel williams who was in harrisburg today. williams told of his struggles with m.s. and how he uses medical cannabis to ease the pain. >> i wanted to end my pain. this is an issue of compassion. and that's it. >> williams is pushing for the pennsylvania house to pass the medical marijuana bill. right now the bill is stuck in a house committee. in delaware medical marijuana is legal but the cost for a medical cardñábuy the pot is $125. in new jersey, you will pay $200. it's a waiting game in pennsylvania. a big boost for a local company that's been awarded more than $10 million to develop a test for ebola. the company is located in the lehigh valley in bethlehem. the company will use the money to complete work on its oraquick
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ebola rapid anagen test. it's a three-year deal from federal agencies that are funding much of this work. they say they have a prototype that works quickly and accurately to tell if someone has that deadly ebola virus. the company says the test uses the same technology as their other rapid test for hiv and hepatitis which are already approved and in use. they say the product could be available for emergency use based on data from field testing. >> the oraquick ebola test is designed to produce a result in 20 minutes. using either a finger stick blood specimen or an oral swab. >> tests used dakota hourstoday kotoday hours, even days for results. here's what we know about ebola. the virus is transmitted to people from wild animals. the average fatality rate 50%. the outbreak in west africa is the largest in history. the disease is primarily in
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guinea liberia and sierra leone. in the u.s. there have been no cases since november of last year but there were 11 confirmed cases reported. nine of those people sickened contracted ebola outside of the u.s. one man visiting from liberia, as you recall died in texas. all the others are ebola-free. listen to this. in lower saucon township police are investigating to see if someone is giving antifreeze to stray cats killing them. we are getting a lot of phone calls about the dead cats. they don't appear to have any trauma so neighbors suspect someone is poisoning them. police worry someone is trying to curb the stray cat population by taking matters into their own hands. >> they're doing us a favor, like i said. you have mice they're not harming nobody. they're not doing no damage. >> police want to remind everyone poisoning animals, even strays, is considered animal abuse. haddon heights police want
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you to take a close look at this woman. they are asking you to call them if you know who this woman is. police believe she allegedly used a stolen credit card the card was swiped from a wallet inside st. rose church chapel in haddon heights. the woman used the card at a nearby acme and several wawas. just because your credit card's in your wallet doesn't mean it's safe. police in new castle county are looking for two people stealing credit card information but not taking the actual card. take a good look at these surveillance pictures. police say these two used a woman's credit to buy a bunch of items but the woman says she still had her card. if you know who these two people are, or you have any information about them, you are asked to call police.?÷ police have responded to a shooting inside a delaware courthouse. they were among the first to take the stand in a high interest cyberstalking trial. david matusiewicz, his mother and sister amy gonzalez all
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charged with conspiracy and cyberstalking. authorities say the three victimized david matusiewicz's ex-wife. authorities say the three family members victimized his wife ex-wife, christine, before she and a friend were shot and killed by david's father. christine belfort and her friend were gunned down as they walked into the courthouse in 2013. belfort was there for a child support hearing. david matusiewicz's father thomas shot and killed the women and committed suicide during a gun battle with police. the family members deny knowing matusiewicz was planning to kill belford. we have new information tonight about that huge airbag recall. today, a louisiana woman's death is officially blamed on a takata airbag. the woman's family says the airbag recall notice arrived in the mail two days after her death. 33 million cars have been recalled because of the
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exploding airbags that shoot out pieces of metal. at least six people have been killed. prepare for delays on the road in our area. drivers will soon be hitting the brakes on a major highway. the vine street expressway will close between the schuykill expressway and broad street starting tonight at 11:00 until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. both east and westbound lanes will close. the same closures will happen overnight on sunday through thursday. take a live look outside right now at the vine street expressway. the construction is part of a four year $64.8 million project to replace bridges over the highway. pennsylvania governor tom wolf was in town today to talk about spending more money on education. he believes this will help more people graduate from high school. wolf was part of a day-long discussion about education at the grad nation summit in old city. some of today's sessions focused on preparing philadelphia students for the work force.
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it's a hot day for a run but this was for a good cause. take a look. nbc 10 at the wilmington police department as officers from up and down delaware arrived with a special olympics torch. 500 officers from local, state and federal agencies teamed up to run 160 miles over the last three days. they raised $600,000 to support 4,000 special olympians. they will compete at the games in newark over the weekend. >> law enforcement is everywhere, every community and special olympics athletes are everywhere, in our families they're our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers. it's a great fit. >> wilmington officers took off for newark joined by delaware attorney general. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> sky force 10 flying over the region on this hot day.
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live over brandywine state creek park in delaware and some people cooling off from the heat and humidity. it was also a nice day for a stroll on the atlantic city boardwalk because they had a nice sea breeze at the shore today. you can see the flag blowing around, the left side of the screen. that breeze would be nice;apc here but you need a really strong north wind to feel the sea breeze in philadelphia. you can occasionally but not today. it felt like 100 degrees in the past couple of hours. just isolated thunderstorms on the radar and we have a bit of a break over the weekend. not as hot or humid. good thing we're not playing football out here. 94 degrees, the wind west-southwest at 16 miles an hour. after the 92 yesterday, 94 so far today, the record's 95. we may get there yet.
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saturday's going to be the close call to determine if we do get a heat wave but i don't think we are going to quite get there on sunday. now, you can see how we're in the 90s in most of the area but 84 in reading, 83 in mt. pocono and still in the 90s in much of delaware. as we head toward the beaches, you can really see the tremendous difference. cape may point's only 74 degrees. north wildwood, 75. 73 at sea isle city. a couple miles inland it's 86. ocean city is 75. atlantic city right on the boardwalk and theo#wñ marina 75. while northfield a few miles away, it's 88 degrees. at the atlantic city airport it felt like 97 an hour ago. that's not too far away. here's the cold front that's going to help us out here. we do have cooler air behind it. only 58 degrees in chicago. it's been in the 90s. we're not going to get that cool
4:20 pm
but we are going to be getting a little bit of relief. some temporary relief in the form of showers here coming through parts of berks county and headed into upper montgomery county and parts of the lehigh value. this shower clearly has weakened in the past hour. this one looks like it's actually strengthened, if anything, and that is heading in the general direction of pottstown about 4:30 there, limerick about 4:40. as we go through the night tonight, it's going to take awhile for the temperatures to go down. any shower of course would do that. as we start the day tomorrow we are already near 80 degrees at 7:00 a.m. but with a northwest wind, we have cooler air coming in we have less humid air coming in so we should notice that change. it's still going to be a pretty hot day but it's not going to be as oppressive as today. we are going to get some relief at the beaches, too. not as much on saturday at the jersey shore because of a
4:21 pm
northwest wind. at least the first half of the day should really warm up and then the sea breeze kicks in. and the southeast wind is an ocean breeze all day on sunday so sunday will be cooler there, just a little cooler in the poconos with a chance of some thunderstorms sunday afternoon there. for the rest of the night tonight we have just those isolated evening storms. 77 degrees for the low temperature in philadelphia. a hot day but not quite as hot or humid as today. highs around 90 degrees. and the seven-day forecast 85 on sunday. if we get any storms they're generally at night. better chance monday and next week could be kind of stormy, especially toward the end of the week. accused of stealing this iconic phrase. >> watch the tram car, please. >> i'm at the jersey shore where the wild woods are taking legal action against atlantic city today. then the new government study on underaged drinking and why experts now say teenagers are less likely to do it. coming right up on nbc 10 news.
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get ready for a wild weekend in the wildwoods. the mummers take to the streets for the 21st annual mummers brigade weekend. the fun starts tonight at 7:00 with the mummers pub crawl. the parade starts tomorrow. ten brigades from this year's new year's day parade will be dancing all along the streets of the wildwoods. also this weekend, taylor swift performs tonight and tomorrow at lincoln financial field. she's not the only show in town this weekend so prepare for traffic. taking a live look at the linc in south philadelphia where swift will hit stage just a few hours from now. this view is from the nbc 10 live sky cam network. and it is a good idea to use septa if you are heading to the concert or really anywhere else in center city tonight, if you can. septa says it's adding more trips on the broad street and market lines to help fans get to and from that concert.
4:26 pm
and the other show at the sports complex tomorrow night, barry manilow, that guy there. he will be performing his one last time tour at the wells fargo center 7:30. you can expect things to be extra crowded in the sports complex area tomorrow night in south philly. in south jersey the old stone house historic village will host its annual community yard sale from 8:00 to 1:00 tomorrow in washington township. there will be about 60 vendors this year. money from the sale goes to restore the turnersville post office roof. rain date is set for sunday. back to one of our top stories. >> fire tears through a local home. the fire killed a woman and injured her mother. the victim's father escaped the fire. this was on avon street. it happened this morning. also the numbers are in. new at 4:30 reason for hope at a local casino town that has
4:27 pm
seen so many hardships. i have been warning you about the hot, humid weather for awhile. i will let you know when you can expect relief in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven day forecast. pay attention, okay? >> coming up on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" the caught on camera confrontation that has a local trooper under investigation. who he was driving is what's making headlines tonight.
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right now at 4:30 tough work made even harder by today's heat. nbc 10 in bethlehem.
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we found these construction workers out in the hot and humid conditions. fans of taylor swift, get ready to sweat. the superstar singer will be performing an outdoor concert just hours from now at lincoln financial field in south philadelphia. sky force 10 over the elk swim club in wilmington. refreshing place to take a dip in the water to cool off. looks so inviting. >> yes, please. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz back with the nbc 10 first alert forecast. >> temperatures may be in the 90s but it's that feels-like temperature we are looking at. >> so far, the actual air temperature has hit 94 degrees but it has felt up to 100 degrees and that's why the heat advisory continues until 8:00 tonight. we have a little bit of pollution out there, too, an air quality alert for today. a heat advisory until 8:00 for
4:32 pm
the highly urbanized areas and the southwest wind continues. 83 in mt. pocono. little relief there. little relief in the form of a shower in reading. near 90 degrees in most of the rest of the northern and western suburbs. 93 in swedesboro 91 in washington township. 91 in trenton but as we head toward the shore, the wind is coming in off the cooler ocean. it's only 73 in avalon, 76 degrees in beach haven. we do have that one little cluster of showers and storms you can see there's an increased amount of lightning with this one. the reading cell has really weakened. this one would be hitting limerick right around 5:00 warrington around 5:40. 92 degrees at 6:00 tonight and then only dropping into the 80s. we'll see how much relief we're going to get this weekend with the seven-day in just a few minutes. >> thanks glenn. as we mentioned, taylor swift will hit the stage hours
4:33 pm
from now in that outdoor concert at lincoln financial field. >> you can see there, nbc 10's drew smith is around. drew, a hot night ahead for thousands of fans behind you tailgating. >> reporter: yeah, and this is where all the action's happening right now, out on the black top. these folks are getting excited to head inside the stadium which you can see all the way over there. the folks are not heading in there for another 30 minutes when the gates will be opening up. but the main mission for a lot of folks is to get hydrated right now. we talked to the philadelphia eagles. they have more than 125,000 bottles of water for sale inside of the stadium. they also have some water fountains and are encouraging people to use them. it's this time before the concert where people are really being encouraged to stay out of the sun. the opening acts will begin at 7:00. taylor swift coming onstage a little bit later. more than 50,000 people expected. this is the first of two sold-out shows here. a lot of people are starting to have fun here. we saw a lot of people actually
4:34 pm
running across the street to the air conditioned xfinity live where a lot of people are choosing to start the fun tonight. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> those may be the smart ones. thank you very much. the entire region isn't suffering from this heat. >> that's right. there are places where you can find some relief. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong is at one of those places. >> what are conditions like right now in rehoboth beach? >> reporter: i think the word that we just used is delightful. absolutely perfect. the weird thing, as you look here and see the dune grass, you see a nice breeze coming through, at one point about an hour ago i actually thought when the sun's not out, you kind of needed a little bit of sweatshirt or long sleeved shirt. it's gotten a little warmer as the sun has come back out but it is perfect down here. there has been an interesting weather phenomenon. we were doing another story about four blocks inland this way and it was hot. we were standing there outside of our live truck and we were sweating dripping sweat, just
4:35 pm
like everybody else it sounds like drew was doing that at the taylor swift concert. when you got down to the boardwalk here and realized pretty quickly it's perfect. i don't know how it happened but i'll take it. place to be. love it. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> delightful.oóz >> that lucky man. count on nbc 10 all afternoon long for the two hours we will be following this heat story for you as well as its impact. glenn will be back in just a few minutes with his updated forecast and you can also get weather updates any time on the nbc 10 news app for smartphones and tablets. in other news now. a 19-year-old marine michael taylor has been arrested on sexual assault charges. authorities say it happened while he was living in our area. they also say there are two women victims here. the assault allegedly happened at lakehurst, burlington county. the accusations date back to 2014. here are some of the other stories making headlines on nbc 10 news at 4:35. a woman is still in critical
4:36 pm
condition after a fire that killed her daughter today. the fire started around 7:30 this morning on avon street in northeast philly. fire investigators are still trying to figure out what started it. there is still time if you would like to work for one of the dozens of stores at the gloucester premium outlets. a job fair's going on right now. applications are being accepted at camden county college in blackwood until 7:00 font. there are signs of hope in embattled atlantic city and casino revenue jumped more than 5% compared to a year ago. a million and a half dollars came alone from slot machines. caesars saw the biggest increase in cash up 51% from last year. today, voicing concerns over a familiar voice. >> it's an unmistakable sound from the jersey shore. >> watch the tram car, please. >> that's right. the beach town battle over those five famous words. watch the tram car, please.
4:37 pm
just when everyone thought two towns had settled their differences, the gloves come off. today, nbc 10 has new developments that have those communities divided. next teen temptations. nbc 10 with the new figures that show a reversal regarding a certain behavior involving young people and what they are doing less of these days. all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" one eagle notches a win before the season even starts. his surprise at one front door today that drastically altered the lives of an area family.
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4:40 pm
ledheading into the weekend, here's some good news. fewer teens are drinking alcohol according to a new government report. experts analyzed data on teen free-throw shot 2000from 2002 to 2013. binge drinking decreased to 14% during that time from 19%. experts say this is in part thanks to stronger laws
4:41 pm
cracking down on fake ids as well as those serving alcohol to minors. the hispanic family center of southern new jersey held its annual health fair and community fun day to help people shop around for services they need. the executive director says many people in the hispanic community are uninsured. >> the kind of prevention and services are often a lifeline for the community we serve. if we can find some of the issues they are dealing with early on we can certainly prevent much deeper end costs to them and their families and to the health care system. >> people who attended today could get health information, screenings and free services. there was also some music and plenty of food as you can see. we will talk about this. a special honor for some little leaguers who brought in big league spirit and pride to our community. >> nbc 10 is there. also the hometown hero who is winning the heart of a little boy in need of a pick-me-up and so much more.
4:42 pm
all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" caught from above. a viral video that led to five firings tonight.
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yeah it's going to be a hot night for an outdoor concert. sky force 10 flying over lincoln financial field in south philadelphia. just a couple hours from now, taylor swift will take the stage. it's going to be pretty uncomfortable for the thousands of fans but at least it's a night time concert and not one in the middle of the day where it would be even worse. the sun beating right down on you as the sun angle goes down some of the stadium will block some of that sunlight. it felt like 100 degrees over the last couple of hours. it will probably feel like a mere 95 by 6:00.
4:46 pm
isolated thunderstorms around on the radar. we will show them to you. and the weekend, not quite as hot or humid as what we're seeing today. we have some fair weather clouds over much of the area and there are some places getting some storms now. 94 degrees, that's the hottest so far this season. one degree away from the record and it's west-southwest wind at 16 miles an hour. little bit of relief from the heat in mt. pocono at 83 and in the rain at reading at 84. otherwise, 93 degrees in bensalem 91 in wilmington and glassboro, 90 degrees in millville, 92 in dover. it is pretty hot. just about everywhere but not quite everywhere. avalon, 73. beach haven, 76. that's representative of the entire jersey shore and as tim showed you, on the delaware beaches, having a nice little sea breeze, too. that makes a tremendous difference.
4:47 pm
now, this is going to make a difference, too. a cold front approaching from the north significantly cooler weather behind it. it's going to kind of weaken as it comes into our area but it will at least break up that mid 90 degree stuff and extremely high humidity. there's the isolated thunderstorm. as you can see, really isolated. it's the only one. 5:18, lower providence and 5:41 in montgomery if it continues as its present course. you can see a good bit of lightning here is right over elverson. pottstown's up here. it looks like the core of it may go just to the south of pottstown but you are going to see that lightning and hear that thunder. just some of those isolated showers and storms during the evening hours. it's going to stay very warm otherwise. by tomorrow morning we're near 80 degrees already. but with a northwest wind behind that front that i showed you, we've got drier air coming in.
4:48 pm
so it's going to be less humid. the temperature won't go up as high and you don't see the thunderstorms during the afternoon. so it's going to be pretty sunny and it will feel more comfortable than today. then on sunday we are starting off, look at that temperatures in the 60s. that's a lot of an improvement compared to what we've seen the last couple of mornings. for the rest of the night tonight, just those isolated thunderstorms. 77 degrees in philadelphia 72 north and west during the day tomorrow. a hot day but not as hot or humid. highs near 90. if we hit 90 it's an official heat wave, our first of the season. not likely to get near 90 on sunday. if we have any storms most likely sunday night and especially on monday. chance of some storms on tuesday and wednesday and we could get into kind of a stormy pattern as we head toward the end of the week. lot of moisture in the
4:49 pm
atmosphere and one of the things that will do of course is help keep the temperature down so i don't see any more heat waves after this one. >> sounds good. >> at least for awhile. >> thanks glenn. one jersey shore town drew a line in the sand so to speak. >> they want what's theirs back. >> watch the tram car, please. >> it's the fight over a phrase. the battle between shore towns that we thought had been settled. then came new action today. nbc 10 has the results of this feud. .
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there.
4:52 pm
watch the tram car, please. >> new action today over an apparent broken promise that's over that familiar boardwalk
4:53 pm
refrain, quote, watch the tram car, please. the wildwoods claim that's their recording and they had it first on their tram cars and they have been using it since the 1970s. >> atlantic city has been using the same recording on their newly introduced tram cars. exactly one week ago at this time nbc 10 reported to you what atlantic city told us, that they would stop using it. but earlier today, well they still hadn't. now the folks in the wildwoods, well, they say they're fed up. they have sent a legal notice to atlantic city that reads in part cease and desist from any use of the phrase watch the tram car, please. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg picks up the beach town battle from there. >> watch the tram car, please. >> reporter: the iconic phrase the wildwoods insist is theirs still heard on atlantic city's boardwalk today. >> this is just such a low class move, in my opinion and really the owner and the city of
4:54 pm
atlantic city should be ashamed of themselves. >> reporter: the message continued to play a day after lawyers for the wildwoods boardwalk special improvement district sent this legal notice by overnight mail demanding that b & b parking immediately stop using the recording on its new atlantic city tram cars and destroy any digital copy. >> they are using it for commercial purpose, stolen property. they are using a recording that belongs to our company. >> there has been such an uproar we didn't realize it was such an issue with them. had we known that we would have never put it on originally. >> watch the tram car, please. >> reporter: nbc 10 first told you about the controversy last friday when b & b promised to change the recording by monday after a.c. officials asked them to. that did not happen. >> we had to get our work scheduled with the folks who did this for us originally. >> reporter: are you disappointed that it took this long for them to change it? >> yeah. it's taken longer than it should have.
4:55 pm
>> reporter: then around 2:00 this afternoon, b & b started changing the recording on its five trams. a new voice, but the same message. >> we need something in the near term to take care of pedestrian safety on the boardwalk. >> reporter: the folks in the wildwoods say that may not be enough of a difference. >> i think that they are probably to some extent enjoying the publicity, quite frankly. you know they probably need all they can get. >> reporter: meantime b & b is planning to have a contest soon to find yet another tram message. i'm told details on that should come in the next few weeks. in atlantic city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. your taney dragons, everybody. >> today the team was honored for the 2015 john wanamaker award given by the philadelphia sports congress. you may recall of course that taney dragons played in the little league world series last year. they ended up losing to
4:56 pm
chicago's jackie robinson west however, mo'ne davis won the hearts of everyone who watched. >> everything we have done together has just had memories about our year and something we won't forget. >> she says a highlight of this past year was being in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. to an equally satisfying story. a young boy from our area dealing with a debilitating eye condition will soon share his story with people all over the country. >> the 8-year-old from millville, new jersey will allow people to follow his upcoming eye surgery in california in the form of a documentary. 8-year-old thomas walkem will travel to california to see the only doctor who can cure him from a condition that makes his eyes dart back and forth and affect his vision making him only able to see the world out of the corner of his eye. he will also meet his baseball hero, the los angeles angels of anaheim are arranging for him to meet center fielder mike trout.
4:57 pm
trout is also from millville. >> good for him. next all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" -- >> if you stepped outside today even for a minute, boy, did you feel it. the heat. some backyard pools could soon be off-limits. the reason why, all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00." glenn? well i would love to jump into that pool today. we've got temperatures in the mid 90s, near record levels. we will see when we are going to break that with the seven-day coming up. one local supermarket's plan to get back into the beer business, next.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
5:00 pm
"nbc 10 news at 5:00" begins with a scorching scene in south philly. the mercury has soared to a height it hasn't reached all year. this is officially the hottest day of 2015 and thousands are sweating it out to see one of the hottest acts in all of music. talking about taylor swift in concert tonight. the heat and humidity made it too hot for school even. this was the scene outside ben franklin high school in spring garden. students in the city and suburbs were sent home early before the temperatures topped out. >> there's no shortage of people swarming to the shore for relief. taking a live look at the scene in cape may, where crowds have come for comfort here. then heading south, it's


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